Groups Menu 3

A selection of salads

Home hummus plus chickpeas with olive oil

Tahini of the house with garlic, lemon and herbs

Eastern eggplant salad

White cabbage salad with balsamic vinegar

Moroccan carrots

Arab vegetable salad or tabula salad

Marrakech-style matboha salad

A selection of pickles and olives and hot peppers

Middle-Course Dishes


Grape leaves

Maragez sausage

A selection of meats on fire (for diner)

Entrecote skewer in pepper seasoning and shredded salt

Spicy poppy skewer in barbecue marinade
Kebab (beef and lamb)

The meats are served on a rice bed of herbs in a central authentic tray + pita tray
Meat supplement plus charge


Lemonade jars and mineral water
(Extra beer and wine + 50 NIS)

Last meal

Coffee / tea and baklava